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Soon, Flex Applications will launch a new website. And that's not all! New colors, a new logo, and an entirely new design await as we open our doors.

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Complete HRM solution in the cloud

Tired of having to jump between multiple systems? Flex HRM is designed for those who want to gather everything in one platform, with a single login and all employee information in one place. Safe, secure, and always available via the cloud, of course.

  • Flex HRM Employee – manage the employee journey like a pro
  • Flex HRM Travel – travel and expense management at a click 
  • Flex HRM Time – time and project reporting for all needs
  • Flex HRM Plan – smart scheduling and staffing
  • Flex HRM Payroll – hassle-free payroll management

Articles, inspiration and news

Until our website is up and running, you can find our article archive here on MyNewsDesk (in Swedish).